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Leeds Conference 2018

Association for the Development of the Person Centred Approach UK

Welcome to ADPCA UK!


This website is designed to give you all the information you need to know about the event we are organising on behalf of ADPCA UK from 18-22 July 2018 in Leeds at Devonshire Hall .


This is a conference for people interested in the development of the person centred approach, founded by Carl Rogers in the 1940's. The theme is 'Pride and Prejudice'.


We invite participants to register for the whole conference or just a day, by completing a booking form and then offer a workshop if you are interested in exploring any particular subject with a group of interested others. The pre conference event is a facilitated workshop and the main conference will be organised by the community. CPD certificates are available to attendees of any or part of the whole event.


We will post offered workshops and by whom on this website. When the event commences, the community of equal participants will then decide how we use the time together within the constraints of room availability and meal times. The PCA philosophy is clear that we all have much to offer and learn from each other.

Wednesday 18th July: Pre-conference event. A day prior to the conference will be a facilitated workshop organised in advance and participants can attend this event without staying for the rest of the conference. The theme of the pre-conference is ‘Somewhere under the rainbow’.






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