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2018 Conference


Association for the Development of the Person Centred Approach UK

ADPCAUK Leeds conference took place between 18-22 July 2018.


Feedback was invited from all who attended at any point over the five days and is summarised in full without editing below.





“Pre-conference was fantastic! Great facilitators. An open and non-judgemental space to share, and learn from one another.”


“I had a most interesting day (Wednesday) and it was good to see the focus on LGBTQI issues. I hoped more trans people would attend and it was a shame they didn't….. I came away with an improved insight into my own understanding around LGBTQI issues so was very pleased!”





“This was a great venue and everything very conveniently close by.”


“Good venue with great lunch.”


“Well-organized and good venue”





“This was one of the most nourishing of PC conferences and events that I have experienced. I valued how workshops were initially integrated into the main group, breaking out only when there was good reason.”


“I found the format a bit 'tired' personally. I am not a great lover of the Encounter / community group format as the focus. I would recommend having at least one day structured with keynotes/workshops. This could be on a Saturday and this would be attractive to a wider range of potential participants. Individual slots were useful for me.”


“What a fantastic opportunity to meet people committed to working within the person centred approach. I particularly enjoyed the mix of meeting trainees at the beginning of their careers and those who have inhabited this world for many years, with equal respect afforded to all.”


“The generosity of those who were willing to be filmed and observed offered an invaluable opportunity to bring our work alive; it is exciting to think this may be the start of an invaluable resource for training.”


“The lack of an agreed evening session worked well for me, pushing my personal discomfort in terms of facing informal social situations. I welcome the challenges I experienced at the conference. It was a great space to encounter and to experience.”


“It could have gone either way,

However this ADPCA conference paved the way,

For a brand new day, for the PCA,

I’m heartened and restored by the commitment I saw,

To preserve and maintain the expertise and integrity that is the legacy of Carl Rogers,

I believe any past horrors can be learnt from and laid to rest,

The movement is reviving and still thriving, despite the test,

It was an absolute pleasure to learn from some of the best!”


“A highlight was dancing together after days of talking, communicating without words, and feeling the depth of connection, acceptance and shared joy.”


“Good work team, or otherwise, well done!”


Looking forward to the next.






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