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Wednesday afternoon, 17th July, 2pm - 6pm, the organising community presents:

'Trauma and the Person Centred Approach'

This workshop is the only workshop themed by the organisers.


Jan Hawkins is a Person-Centred practitioner, supervisor, freelance trainer and author. In this four-hour workshop she will offer a person-centred framework for understanding clients who present with trauma. She has many years experience of working with clients with early childhood trauma and is passionate that relationship, with empathy, upr and congruence at the core, is at the centre of any successful therapeutic work.

Through examples from her own client work and role play she will demonstrate how to work effectively and safely with clients suffering from complex PTSD and Dissociative identity disorder (DID). This workshop will be suitable for all counsellors and psychotherapists working with traumatised clients, both experienced practitioners and students seeing clients on placements who want to supplement their academic study.

In 1994, Jan created and co-facilitated a Diploma course in Counselling Survivors of Childhood Abuse, the first initiative of its kind in Europe. For the past fifteen years, through the Foundation for the Developing Person, Jan has continued to run post counselling study days with a conviction that experiential learning is imperative for developing empathy as well as skills For almost twenty years, Jan has also been running a PC choir, where people of all Dis/Abilities make wonderful music, the PCA a way of being in all her endeavours.

Conference Workshops



The conference workshops and activities are organised on a collective basis according to the participants attending on the day.


Boards will be available to share ideas and schedule workshops & activities. A potentially changing feast!

Each day: Encounter group Space is available every day for an ongoing encounter group.


Each day: Spontaneous Choir  Jan Hawkins. As well as providing us with the Pre-conference workshop on Trauma, Jan says “I will happily bring along some backing tracks in case anyone fancies a spontaneous choir – and can teach some simple rounds for warming up the body, mind and spirit if they fancy that."


We, the organisers, love the idea that spontaneous choirs may be breaking out on Friday night, and at any time throughout the conference.

Day to be confirmed: Wisdom Richard Irwin.


Day to be confirmed: Working within the 'mental health' establishment Steve Cox. Steve is offering a workshop on working within the 'mental health' establishment. There will be a short presentation based on his own experiences of working on an acute psychiatric ward as a person-centred therapist, followed by a facilitated dialogue exploring the concept of 'mental health' and how as person-centred practitioners we might offer a person-centred experience - the changes, risks and consequences.  


Thursday 18th July: Creative writing with a Person-centred voice Nigel Gibbons. “This is will be an experiential workshop, but not one which needs any writing ability or previous experience. All you need is something to write with and something to write on. Whilst the main aim will be for you to do some writing, as part of the workshop I will be reflecting on the use of creative writing with individuals and groups. I have previously run workshops at conferences and training events, so all who want to come will be welcome.


I'm a tutor on Metanoia's MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes and have been running creative writing groups and working with individuals for many years, for therapy, for wellbeing, and for fun.  I'm also a Focusing-oriented therapist, supervisor and teach on a Person-centred Diploma in Counselling in Bristol"


This workshop is initially offered for Thursday, however, Nigel says he will be there for the whole conference so is happy to fit in with whatever day works best.


Saturday 20th July evening: pArTy NiGhT

Let's dance a bit. Yay.

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