Writing '19


We walk

together, alone, with others, alone

I walk

alone, yet over there

you, too, steps in the sand

gentle footfall, such softness

which means I rarely notice

you, too, are here

and we, walking in the desert

find it so difficult even to glance

A look? A glimpse?

A moment to see?

And, in my hand, I carry this

this which I’ve carried for years

weight in my fingers, holding it

for fear of dropping it, fear of letting

it go, because what then? What would

I be without this?

And then to turn, to move towards you

to look into your eyes, to give you

all that I have been carrying

and to feel you take it, to know

it is safe,

before we walk, together, alone

parting, alone

we walk on.

Nigel Gibbons

Nigel Gibbons

Nigel is a Focusing-oriented practitioner and a tutor on Metanoia's MSc in Creative Writing for Theraeutic Purposes and Practitioner Certificate.