2023 Event

The next ADPCA UK Conference is scheduled for

22nd - 26th February 2023

Our location is Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire

Wondering about the conference structure?

This is a self-organising community event.

It begins with a Wednesday workshop faciliated by Rose Cameron, as an inspiration. Afterwards, and for the next few days and evenings, we gather together in community, encounter one another and allow events to unfold.

Participants may want to hold discussions or host workshops in smaller break-out groups; that will be possible and you can offer your workshop at the beginning of the day.

Participants may want to remain together in the large group for the entirety of the event (with tea and coffee breaks of course!).

Wednesday workshop with Rose Cameron:

'The Unseen Dance'

This workshop will look at the unseen dance that arises as therapists and clients subtly extend towards, and pull away from, each other. We will use experiential exercises to consider the impact of this dance upon the therapeutic relationship.

About Rose Cameron:

Rose is a person-centred counsellor, supervisor and trainer with a particular interest in the more subtle aspects of embodied communication.

She is currently in private practice in Fife, and in the past, worked as an NHS counsellor in Manchester. She is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and has published on a variety of subjects, including self-harm, alcohol and drug issues, therapy and social justice, transcultural counselling and ethics.

Her most recent publication, Working with Difference and Diversity in Counselling and Psychotherapy is published by Sage.

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